Showing you how to become a results-oriented airport and creating equipment that brings out the best in people, while at the same time developing effective systems and processes that improve performance.







Performance evaluation of equipment at airports tend to be driven by a very traditional set of problems, but the solutions evolve.






Airports know that if they don’t stop and take time to seriously think about their snow removal equipment, performance will suffer rather than improve and so will their ability to get results.





It may be fair to say that we have all personally witnessed and experienced the frustration, anxiety, anger, and even devastation brought on by equipment failure. It’s also fair to say that it can be avoided by becoming more results-oriented in your approach to successful snow removal. The most obvious solution is implementing value-added actions that help please your customer, the airlines.





Your ability to think through the equipment concepts presented here, answer those most pressing questions regarding the health and sustainability of your fleet, and then apply your experience and wisdom to help determine your return on investment. Keep your piano in tune: Practice continual renewal strategies.






Even the best Airport Field Maintenance departments can only get so far without effective systems, processes, support, and resources.





As things get more complex, complicated, dynamic, and fast-paced, airports at all levels must master the snow equipment absolutes that drive improvement, because it is here that the seeds of success or failure are found.






Get everyone on the same page: Focus on the purpose. That focus just may lead you to asking “who are our customers and what are their needs and expectations”.