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Your Infrastructure Big Data Through Georeferencing

uGRIDD is a powerful cost saving service that simplifies infrastructure project data sharing and enterprise data management. Users can easily publish their georeferenced data to digital maps, making it easily found, viewed, shared and used to improve management systems and decision making on this cloud-based big data platform.


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uSHOW is a collection of time saving tools that process specific data to be viewed on a map. An URL is usually the deliverable of the process. The URL can be protected by uGRIDD user name and password. Users can view the map via email invitation with the URL and invitation code. The tools offer HTML codes that can be inserted into your website.

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uTOOL is a collection of time saving tools to retrieve and/or process data. The deliverables of uTOOL are either to be downloaded by or emailed to the user.

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uSHARE offers users to upload their geo-referenced infrastructure data, such as surveying and geotechnical data, on the uGRIDD website with detailed description (meta data). In addition, special data elements including user, user group, organization and URLs generated by using uSHOW functions can also be geo-referenced at user’s choice and found by other users. This search feature to the special data elements offers an indirect way for users to find data while the security of the data is protected…

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uFIND is a subscription service that allows users to find data based on Location Of Interest (LOI) in the front page of uGRIDD web site. Without subscription, you could use this function to find data hosted by uGRIDD and data uploaded by other users for public finding and viewing. uFIND can also be used to locate users, user groups, organizations and user generated URLs, as long as these special data element are set for public visibility…

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uGRIDD Data Layers

One of uGRIDD’s core tools, uFIND, helps users like you find a variety of publicly available data using a Location of Interest (LOI) search.  From NGS Monuments to Aerial LiDAR to Tax Maps, we can help you collect the important data for upcoming projects. To take advantage of these valuable layers, sign up for a free uGRIDD account. When you have completed your profile, navigate to to start searching. 

To explore uGRIDD’s data offerings, use the Layer list to the right. Each page will offer coverage, source, update date, and links to the original provider. 

Data on uFIND:

– US National Bridge Inventory

– NGS Monuments

– Aerial LiDAR

– Tax Maps

– Mile Posts

– PLSS Sections and Townships

– Oil Wells (Land and Offshore)

– Local Parcels

…and much more



Worldwide Georeferencing Grids

uGRIDD offers worldwide georeferencing in 74 countries, which includes 449 grid systems and 12 projections. User-defined grids are also supported by relating two or more common points with one of the known grid systems. Users can produce customized data maps using their project coordinate system without data conversion.

Secure Data Access

Data stored on and/or linked to the uGRIDD website are secured by username and password protection. The uGRIDD website is protected by SSL certificates to ensure authentic access and secured transactions. Hacker-inserted malicious links are scanned and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The uGRIDD system can recognize 99.9% of internet browsers and utilizing up to 256-bit encryption.

Facility Information Modeling

Web based facility information modeling is supported by offering unlimited floor plan navigation, panorama view interface, and powerful hotlinks. The hotlinks can be programed to access photos, pdf files, webpage, etc. Mobile devices are supported for information retrieval and data collection. Live data query based on location of interest (LOI) is supported via positioning enabled devices.

Infrastructure Data Depository

Infrastructure data depository can be shared to the public and/or to private user groups. Data in the depository are searched based on a location of interest (LOI) at lightning speed. There is no predefined data format or standard for users to share their data with others. User can also decide at the time of sharing, what other users may preview a small sample or the entire data being shared.



Mobile Support

uGRIDD offers a great experience on mobile devices. Depending on the capabilities of the device, users may have the LOI dynamically located by enabling the positioning service in the device. Customized development allows users to utilize uGRIDD’s technology to its maximum potential. Mobile devices can also be used to collect data and to share it on the uGRIDD website.
Free uGRIDD apps coming soon.

LOI, a New Way to Search Data

The Location of Interest (LOI) can be a point, a line, or a shape with a search range from 0 to 20 miles (0 to 30 kilometers). Using uFIND reduces the time spent to find the data by allowing the users to focus on their purpose. The technology has been widely implemented in many other areas, such as navigational GPS and social network.



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