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Come April, what could be better than amnesia?

The past will be but a brief reflection. Part of that reflection is knowing your airport dared to take the first step, a big leap, or a different path with its snow removal equipment. It was attempting to do something that no one has done before, and all others thought impossible. 



It is easy to live with our eyes focused on the scenery of the past and not on what lies ahead. In the act of airport snow removal, I highly recommend keeping your eyes on the present.

The art of rebuking your equipment failures status quo is taking blame for everything that goes wrong. Accept that 60% of what goes wrong during a snow season is your fault. Insist on that, because when you lay claim to your airports problems and aplogize for them, the airport agrees that you are the problem and it becomes more forgiving than usual, if you’re lucky!! Once you accept that percentage of responsibility, you can stop wasting time debating who is 40 % at fault and start the creativity versus destruction process.



What happy airports know that unhappy airports don’t.

It’s an expensive education as some airports feel it is wiser to follow in the footsteps of others. Most airports learn through their difficulties and mistakes, but that is a costly way to learn. Those airports suffer while they learn, and the airlines around them suffer as well. Too often, an airport is unwilling to listen to experienced airfield personnel about their equipment needs. Instead they set out to show every one what they can do on their own and end up needing help to get out of trouble. 



A difficult winter may remind you that there are times when following a well-trod path makes life alot easier. At other times as you know, it is wiser to find a new path. There are many so called guides at airports who think they can show you the way through difficulties, but when their ways do not fit with your airport, then it is time to strike out on your own. Your goal is not to impress your peers or prove something to anyone else. With that 60% acknowledgement I spoke of, you are the only one you need to impress and be comfortable with. 




Information about equipment is not power. It does not change anyone. The people with the most information about airport equipment inadequecies are often not the ones working hardest to solve them. It is the airports that are affected by them who are motivated to change things.


Inspired companies work with airports to get things done.




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