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Whether your airport is addressing equipment performance goals, FAA snow clearing time mandates, measuring post snow season productivity, equipment utilization assessment, cycle time measures, machine downtime, operating cost structures, or simply development costs, you have your hands full. It is now time for you to face the music.



I just returned home from a 3 week East Coast color tour. Over that period, I was fortunate enough to avoid snow in the Acadia National Park, the Catskills and the Adirondacks but was warmly greeted upon my return with 5 inches of fresh snow at my residence in Michigan. As I took a closer look at this golf game killer, the 8-14 day projected temperature anomaly made me reflect on what this graphic meant to me while I was actively on watch at the airport.

Well—shear panic does come to mind!!!! 


From Minneapolis to Dallas, Dallas to Atlanta, Atlanta to Boston, Boston to Detroit.

Oh and let me also toss in Winnipeg to Halifax for good measure.

Is this a precipitation starved period???? or you know, the other….



I would venture to say that some of those cities airports I just mentioned may have their patience tested much earlier than expected and certainly farther South than anticipated. I’ve written many blogs about having to expect the unexpected at many unusual airport locations but this graphic, while certainly not the first of it’s kind ugly, is ugly and potentially airport traffic disruptive. 



It’s never too late to address however, during your post 2018-2019 snow season productivity examination, did you find that your chosen arsenal of equipment had performance efficiency, user-friendliness, and maneuverability ahead of its time? Did you get the customer support and service, parts availability and the feeling of overall trust in your equipment? Ultimately, did it exceed your expectations? Did you evolve after the 2017-2018 snow season?



Whether or not your airport has a need for multi-functional equipment like the “Jetbroom 10000 T” (towed) or you decide that the Multi-functional, high-performance clearing system “Jetbroom 10000 A” – engineered by Boschung will do the trick, you have done your homework.

Up-to-date technical standards

Based on the well-proven vehicle fleet successfully operating world-wide since many years, the Jetbroom concept offers multiple applications based on one single chassis. Every winter and summer maintenance task (snow clearing, de-icing, sweeping, liquid absorption, high-pressure washing) can be executed as individual function and partially in a combined form.

The 10000 series integrates the latest technical standards. With an increased broom diameter of 1,170 mm (46“) and the newly developed Quattro-Jet system it disposes of an equipment with a 30% increased clearing capacity, requiring only marginal more engine power. The Jetbroom is particularly designed to meet the special requirements at severe weather- and temperature conditions.






Further equipment

Winter maintenance

In addition to the snow clearing with plow, blowing unit and broom, it is also possible to spread liquid, solid or a mixture of de-icing agents.

Meaning for operating:

  • Snow clearing and de-icing can be done in one single operation or separately

All-year operation

  • High-performance sweeper/suction unit
  • Rear suction unit for absorption of liquids
  • Manual suction hose
  • Front washing-bar
  • Tunnel and guard rail washing unit
  • Magnetic bar system
  • Rubber removal

You will be challenging the status quo when you optimize your airport snow removal fleet with Boschung Airport Division Equipment. If you haven’t really looked into Boschung, you should.



Almost forgot— NE trip validation…….. 













“Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain.” AUK

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