• We use a hand held Harbor Freight unit to determine pavement temperatures prior to striping.
    Works good and it has had a long life.

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    We use it exclusively for small patches on PCC and have had very good results with it.They have a good range of products with different viscosites and set up times.
    My local distributor was very generous with the demo tubes and we tried a few different formulas until we found the right one for application.
    I don’t have the pricing in front of…[Read more]

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    My understanding is that our pavements don’t get the “kneading” action that streets and highways do. Traffic moving on roads,changing lanes etc,keeps the oils kneading through the AC. Our pavements are much larger,with portions of the surfaces never getting any traffic at all.
    The shoulders at RNO are asphalt and the shrinkage on them amazes me.

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    X2 on everything Bob said. We also have good luck with Fallline edges.
    Just like ramp plow edges,the key is to not use them as a true cutting edge and keep them out of direct contact with the pavement

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