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    The 42ft mower is AWESOME, cuts like a push mower… Huge learning curve, The size is very intimidating at first. Will mow in any and all terrains. Add the GPS system and its a huge asset to your mowing Fleet…….

  • timing is everything! taking advantage of what mother nature gives us,(winter months) using a tracked skid steer where water is present, cutting lower so sun and wind help with drying…..
    Several tow straps and tractor on stand by.

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    Ideally you need a controlled environment, You need all conditions to be perfect. Snow weight, height and width.
    Is there not a way to test using water?

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    Quick Change, How quickly can you change over? Broom to Blower? We have one high speed Oshkosh blower, 1995 Oshkosh blower(she be tired) and Two Snow Wolves. Three Eliminators can be changed over to blowers, would not be a quick process. Phasing out the Eliminators…..A total of seven. Three H series trucks with 24ft. plows,(spray systems on…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the great video. Really enjoy the Communication we have established as departments. (Sharing ideas and plowing techniques) Looking forward to working with you guys, GRR.

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    Hey great post, what type of sweepers were you using? Eliminators, tow behinds or just front mounted brooms. What type of snow? wet heavy? cold dry?
    Keep the information coming from British Columbia, the more operators involved on this forum, the more information we can share.

    What type of blowers do you have?
    Going to multi functions here in…[Read more]

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