• Not sure but I sure did like seeing that 600 million plus allocation just recently. I hope equipment funding somehow finagles its way into the grand scheme of things.

  • jb replied to the topic Trecan Snowmelting Technology in the forum Equipment 4 years ago

    I love their mobile units. Snow storage it getting more and more difficult to manage.

  • jb started the topic Environmental Awareness in the forum Safety / Security 5 years ago

    What exactly does NEPA do? Who is their governing body? Do they fall under FAA guidance?

  • I believe goals are the primary drivers of an Airport Master Plan. Items to address I would like are safety/Security, Fiscal Sustainability, and Communication. What other items would you include?

  • jb replied to the topic pavement shrinkage in the forum Ground Maintenance 5 years ago

    How is your joint sealing awareness? Are you keeping moisture out of your sub-grade? Very important.

  • jb replied to the topic Blower Cutting Edges in the forum Products 5 years ago

    Hard to argue with your response to this Bob. Very good points and perspectives on the durameter component. Likely overlooked in many applications. What kind of edges do you use on equipment other than the blowers. Totally agree on the height off the surface with blowers but front mounted plows have their own expectations for not leaving residual…[Read more]

  • jb replied to the topic Airfield Grass Heights in the forum FAA Regulations 5 years ago

    Hey Loomis. You are safe between 8-12 inches in most areas. Raptors and geese like short grass heights for hunting and feeding. Too short creates a problem and too tall invites certain predators that like to dig under perimeter fencing.

  • Anyone from the sunbelt airports that have the solution to this problem?

  • In the pre-design phase, we have identified some project challenges. 1). Adequate storage and flexibility for varying seasonal storage needs. 2). in-season delivery and material handling challenges via facility layout. 3). Future expansion of our FM and sand storage facilities. 4). Maintaining a secure perimeter around an active maintenance…[Read more]

  • jb replied to the topic Operation's vehicle winter tires in the forum Products 5 years ago

    I would trust using a companies technology like AST (American safety Technologies). It has a mobile Frensor active freezing point system. It can do freezing point surface mapping and can save you up to 30% in runway re-icing. MU readings are a thing of the past so vehicle braking is irrelevant.

  • I guess it’s a matter of personal preference. When having smaller areas and incorporating fence-lines, there can be a control issue with a jerking motion that can throw the mowing deck off enough to damage fences. Again, I have seen operators maneuver through these areas with non-articulating tractors and do fence damage as well. It’s more about…[Read more]

  • jb replied to the topic Paint Removal in the forum Ground Maintenance 5 years ago

    Year after year painting on your taxiway edge-lines (etc.) will build-up and eventually need to be removed. If not, scaling and FOD issues will manifest themselves. A full scale removal is needed at least every four 4 years to reduce excessive build-up resulting in problematic application.

  • jb replied to the topic Cement Moisture Problems in the forum Ground Maintenance 5 years ago

    Joint and crack sealing is huge when looking for non-typical pavement moisture symptoms. You have to stay diligent to keep moisture out of the sub-grade.

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    My understanding is that new Tier 4 engines may have additional or different maintenance requirements as compared to previous generations of equipment. They may include changes in the types of engine oil, the frequency of recommended oil changes, and changes in air filters plus routine maintenance on exhaust particulate filter systems. Any new…[Read more]

  • Both deicers—Potassium Acetate and Sodium Formate combined, add some “heated sand” as a follow-up. Make sure you pre-treat before any ice bonding can take place. In my opinion, you just used the tool box to keep that airfield open.

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    So how goes your probationary period Tim? Hope all is working out well for you.

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    Many large airports must have continuous removal. Southern or sunbelt airports are challenged continuously with this task. Most airports now do water-blasting vs chemical removal due to EPA and local provisions regarding contamination. Snow belt airports have the advantage of having less heat, less sun and less time to allow build-up. In fact,…[Read more]

  • Proper training, proper airfield lighting, proper NOTAM’S, good radio communication skills in both towered and non-towered snow operations. And as always, eyes to the sky!!

  • No but I need to do some research on this. It seems that it would not only help with dig-unders but also assist in erosion control.

  • jb replied to the topic Amazing advancements in mower decks in the forum Equipment 5 years ago

    That is totally impressive equipment. I heard about some farms using them but never heard anything about airports. What a great concept. More is better when time is money.

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