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    Really starting to see the airlines reacting to the needs of disabled passengers. It seems that Europe has taken the lead on reacting to the necessities of ground mobile units to assist disabled passengers. Why Europe? Why is the US lagging in being proactive about taking all necessary measures for ALL passengers?

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    Another winter is nearly behind us. What is everyone’s take on TALPA? Better results? Mixed results?

  • A couple of obvious notes are:

    Liquid is typically 50% water by weight.
    Dilutes fairly quickly
    Have to apply way too often
    Slowly permeates ice
    melts from the top down
    possible accelerates the ASR in concrete surfaces
    higher risk to airfield lighting

  • Events at JFK Airport during and following the winter storm of Thursday, January 4.

    The storm triggered what the port authority described as a ‘cascade’ of issues at the New York airport, collectively causing more than 500 cancellations and culminating in flooding at Terminal 4 as the result of a burst water pipe on Sunday.

    LaHood, who is cur…[Read more]

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