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I had the pleasure of meeting the Fairbanks Alaska finest at the NWAAAE conference this past week. I want to thank the Chief of Maintenance, Clark Klimaschesky (far right) for bringing some of his staff to the Airport Technologies booth for some “hot topic” discussions. The key driver of conversation was knowing your environment and the planning needs of your operation. Getting the most out of your staff and your equipment. We agreed that it pretty much all begins with identifying the functions that are most important to achieving results which consequently negate “crisis driven” events.





Like many attendees at the conference, Clark was quick to identify what actions are needed to lead the planning process in his department. He also had a clear idea of what those planning cycles are. He said he is then able to review, update, and implement his plans on a regular basis, then use feedback to improve both the plans themselves and the template he used to create them. A very methodical and scientific approach that requires a great deal of discipline and patience I might say.



Not to be outdone, some of you may recognize this gentleman. Back in 2014, Zaramie Lindseth ( Airfield Maintenance Manager at Ted Stevens in Anchorage) attended an APWA conference in Grand Rapids Michigan and made his way out to the airport for a visit. Well,  I was fortunate enough to get a reciprocating invite from Zaramie before the Fairbanks conference started and to get a tour of theTed Stevens maintenance facilities. It was all that I expected and he couldn’t have been more professional during that tour. Great conversations about equipment to say the least.







What a fantastic opportunity it was for me to hear about the numerous challenges these Alaskan Airports endure. Having the luxury of meeting and speaking to airport people around the world, it seems that the common thread that binds them, has been and always will be— “when equipment and technology are not in place, lost productivity and inefficiencies become all to common”.


I want to thank you for this great visit. It was special as you are about to see—–


A drive into the heart of Denali




Exit Glacier


















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