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    Is anyone using a front-mounted combination plow/broom on their tractors?


    I could only wish. We still do a great deal of labor intense hand shoveling around our signage. Sometimes we can use a blower attachment to a tractor but cannot get too close to avoid potential sign damage. Looking for used attachments that are actually made for brooming over signs.


    No, I am not using.


    Are you from the snow belt or sunbelt? Do you work at an airport? If so, sand build-up from winter friction applications can become a clean-up problem in those areas around lights. Grass clippings from mowing around lights creates the same challenges—it all has to be removed by someone or something.

    craig senna

    I hear that Kahlbacher out of Austria has the perfect attachment that runs right over the top of lights with brooms on each side. Can be used for snow or sand. Worth looking into.

    C Moore

    I know that TMS out of the UK, has developed a soda blaster to clean lights. I saw the original design in action a few years back now. I was not impressed with the automatic method, but the manual wand worked great. I think the current product uses the manual wand to clean, as they continue to refine the automatic method. I think that Calgary in Canada, purchased one but I have not heard how it is working for them.


    If you happen to hear anything more about it from Calgary, please pass it along.

    Timothy Taylor

    I just received some information on Kahlbachers:

    RLD Runway Light Deicer

    •The Runway Light Deicer was developed to de-ice runway lighting. The targeted and compressed application of de-icing agents prevents the dangerous formation of ice rings around the runway lights and thus prevents damage to aircraft.
    •At the same time, de-icing agent consumption is greatly reduced due to the short-term and selective application of the de-icing agent. A sensor bar on the front of the vehicle automatically positions itself above the surface to be de-iced when the device is activated. On the go, the runway lights are detected by a specially developed sensor bar while the signal is transmitted to the spray system at the rear of the vehicle.
    •Depending on the driving speed, de-icing agents are the applied by a 1.5 m wide spray jet only to the area of the runway lights. If required, an additional spraying cycle can also be initiated using the manual spray button.

    Very interesting concept

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    I heard this was on display this year at the Interairport conference in Munich. I guess it was heading to the Vienna Austria Airport. Love to hear about its performance. Anyone hear anything about it?


    CYMX… Air Force On from RPM Tech!

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