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    Jeff McNally

    CLEAR – Field 115 reviews – San Jose, CA
    CLEAR Managers assist the General Managers (GM) in operating as business owners at our airport locations, and, play an essential role in revolutionizing the travel experience through assuring the flawless execution of CLEAR operations in security, sales, and service.

    At SJC Airport, CLEAR Managers are responsible for fostering a team environment and instilling an effective customer-centric, sales and security culture within the new and upcoming station.

    Optimize the Business (Customer-centric Sales & Service)

    Foster a customer-centric environment whereby team members are accountable for delivering an exceptional customer experience and exceeding customer experience metrics.
    Drive membership enrollments and conversion by creating a proactive sales and service environment through ongoing training, coaching and recognition programs.
    Monitor and analyze key metrics, customer feedback, and direct “on the floor” observations so that data-driven decisions are at the foundation of business decisions.
    Collaborate with leadership to develop and implement a sales and service business plan for the station which incorporates assigned goals and sales and service activities in order to achieve team objectives.
    Communicate goals, plans and assignments to achieve financial and customer service goals.
    Personally contribute to the business objectives through direct interventions by way of business development activities.
    Review and monitor sales and service performance against plan to identify gaps, issues and best practices; develop and implement action plans to close the gaps and resolve the issues.
    Collaborate with leadership to assess opportunities on a regular basis in order to identify strengths, opportunities, weakness, and threats.
    Assess and deploy equipment and processes to optimize allocation of resources within the station.
    Lead the People (Talent Acquisition, Development and Management)

    Build and sustain a diverse team of talent who successfully and consistently deliver on the CLEAR objectives related to security, service, and sales.
    Provide leadership and direction to station employees so that individual &/or team duties and responsibilities clearly align with the organization’s mission and goals.
    Set appropriate context and establish the “why” behind policies and procedures.
    Assess team and individual performance, identify and close skill and knowledge gaps to increase the effectiveness and performance of station employees.
    Grow capabilities of station employees by providing coaching and guidance and by developing individual career and/or development plans.
    Communicate the linkages between the accountabilities and authorities of different roles within the team and establish the context in which they will work collaboratively with one another in order to optimize team integration.
    Establish a two-way working relationship with employees to solicit their views on the working environment, potential changes affecting their work and continuous improvement opportunities.
    Develop and/or review work schedules for all station staff to ensure appropriate resource levels.
    Identify/address performance issues in a timely manner, with a sense of urgency, to ensure all team members are performing at the highest level.
    Cultivate the Relationships (Stakeholder Partnerships)

    Create an environment that promotes CLEAR’s values and mission throughout the airport, ensuring alignment with the overall objectives of the airport and aviation community.
    Development and maintain relationships with all airport stakeholders to include local TSA, airline and station leadership.
    Manage the Operations (Excellence through Flawless Execution)

    Responsible for the team’s complete comprehension and unwavering adherence to operational/security procedures, laws, regulations and company directives in order to effectively execute our commitment to security, manage risk (organizational and member), fulfill operational and compliance requirements.
    Monitor controllable expenses to ensure financial targets are met or exceeded.
    Observe operations, monitor reports and conduct audits to ensure all activities are in accordance with policies and procedures, regulatory, legal and ethical requirements, escalating issues to senior/executive management as necessary.
    Ensure that all sales and service operations are conducted in a secure manner as to safeguard the privacy of company and customer information, escalating issues to senior/executive management as necessary.
    Maintain CLEAR’s professional image as a trusted service-provider and partner through consistent adherence to brand identity standards, including proper appearance and maintenance of CLEAR locations within the station (membership enrollment, verification lane, etc…).
    Desired Experience/Skills:
    At least five years of professional experience in a customer service and sales, three years of management experience in a customer-facing operation.
    In-depth knowledge of, and experience in, employee engagement, coaching for performance and employee relations
    Experience adhering to compliance standards in a heavily regulated environment.
    Excellent customer service experience — you know how to provide your customers with the best experience possible!
    Demonstrated ability to excel in a sales role
    Excellent communication skills — you know how to effectively communicate to others in a dynamic and professional manner!
    Able to acquire and maintain a valid Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) Badge
    Ability to work a variety of shifts including morning, afternoons, weekends and holidays

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