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    Jeff McNally

    what is the typical value reading for a part 139 airport that you are no longer required to report on a NOTAM?

    marc angus

    This whole revision thing was needed but I still am trying to get a grasp on Pilots thoughts from one airport to another. Since no one operations officer thinks like the next one when observing and documenting airfield conditions, pilot breaking reports would seem to influence friction response more so. Thoughts?

    Bob Gardner

    Pilots views on braking actions are subjective depending on their normal environment they fly into. Southern-based pilots are less likely to give more realistic braking action reports than northern-based pilots. You can simply tell by conversations heard on the radio. Let’s face it, a pilot reporting a questionable braking condition gets a lot of action happening on the field. Maybe even to force a more focused and immediate clearing activity to facilitate his quick-turn so take-off is not impeded. Then again, maybe not.
    Condition reports will be somewhat subjective as well. Like you stated, no two operations personnel think or judge the same. Mu readings from a certified CFME machine should rule the day. A 40Mu is a 40 Mu.

    marc angus

    The operative word of the day is subjectivity. What I fear the most is the domino effect that can and has taken place by pilots hearing a “poor” from other pilots therefore piggy-backing on that particular report. There is certainly a chain reaction taking place on the ground once a poor is revealed and an elevated response possibility from Op’s and your snow removal crews. When a poor is announced, Op’s could still have a 40 Mu and yet the intercepting pilot simply thinks that required friction is questionable. I hate those back to back poors!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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