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    Bob Gardner

    How do you quantify the amount of staff needed?


    marc angus

    Bob–please clarify as to the timing of your airports needs for staffing. Are you referring to winter or snow season? Size of airport?


    Bob Gardner

    Year round staffing. We are a small hub Airport


    Bob Gardner

    We have 12 gates and have all major domestic airlines




    If you are strictly looking at non-administrative, non-TSA etc.–GA staffing seems to fluctuate based on the ability to be multi-functional or cross trained. Multitasking is not unusual for workers at small airports. For example. At Lancaster Airport in Pennsylvania, a general aviation airport with three weekly commercial flights on Sun Air Express to Pittsburgh and two to Dallas/Fort Worth, there are 23 airport employees.

    “Of those 23, eight are maintenance staff. But in addition to taking care of the grass, the building, the lights, the pavement and everything else, our maintenance staff workers are cross-trained for ARFF — aircraft, rescue and firefighting — duties. If there is an emergency, it would be their maintenance staff responding in the fire truck.

    Being that is a GA, a small hub airort(let’s say it’s an Authority) may have up to 100 employees in its entirety but may have 9-10 in building maintenance, 20 in ARFF, and 15-20 in Field Maintenance.


    craig senna

    We have been hit hard this year with influenza. Several employees have been out of work for many days this winter. Does management take this into consideration when all of the sudden you are not able to handle the workload? Snow removal for example.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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