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Looking for thoughts on runway deicing liquid vs. solid.

Home Forums Products Looking for thoughts on runway deicing liquid vs. solid.

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    Judy Donnelly
    craig senna

    It all depends on your temperatures, both surface and pavement. Preventative care versus reactive care is imperative. Once you loose your friction to ice, it’s extremely difficult to get it back. If pavement surfaces are freezing or below and you expect precipitation, you need to pre-treat with dry (Sodium Formate) to prevent the bond from taking place. You could even apply liquid (Potassium Acetate)at the same time you apply dry, if you suspect conditions to be continuous.


    I personally like a combination of both. Of course you need to monitor pavement conditions and temperatures. Liquid is far more reactive than proactive. Once a bond takes place, you are screwed and will spend a great amount of money and resources trying to get your friction back. Solids will help prevent this bond if you get it on the surface in advance of freezing rain and will hold up better than liquids from a dilute standpoint.

    Timothy Taylor

    We really like the New Deal product. Tinted- diamond shaped so you can eliminate waste by getting a good visual on the application and the wind cannot blow it off pavement surfaces as easily as the pellets are not round and roll into grass.

    Jacob Cumings

    A couple of obvious notes are:

    Liquid is typically 50% water by weight.
    Dilutes fairly quickly
    Have to apply way too often
    Slowly permeates ice
    melts from the top down
    possible accelerates the ASR in concrete surfaces
    higher risk to airfield lighting

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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