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    Liteblue is a user-friendly website initiated by the U.S. Government to reach out to specifically those bunch of employees who work for Postal Service. liteblue website acts as an intranet portal that is designed for use by the USPS Logistics employees only. website offers and caters to various other applications that open after entering into this website. It aids the employees to get an insight into their performance and various other things related to their work.
    The liteblue caters to the following services-
    • It stores confidential information of the employees.
    • liteblue gives easy access to keep a check on employee benefits as a paystub, 401K, etc, and thereafter print this information too.
    • it helps the employees to have an overview of their performance during their service period and thereby aiding in their career development.
    • It aids the employees to raise complaints in the form of tickets.
    • It provides each employee with a unique login ID and credentials thereby ensuring the security of information.
    • liteblue gives an enhanced Self Service Profile(SSP) to each employee through which he/she can easily access not only Liteblue, but also applications as eOPF, PostalEase, eldeas, and eReassign.
    How to Login to ?
    For logging in one needs to follow the following steps:
    • Log in to the official website
    • Thereafter, enter an 8 digit number mentioned under the employee ID of the earnings statement.
    • Enter the self-created password.
    In case of forgetting the liteblue password the employee can follow the following steps:
    • Log in to the official website
    • Proceed with clicking on forgot the password.
    • Thereafter, enter the 8 digit Employee Identification Number (EIN).
    • Answer correctly to the security questions that had been set while creating the ID.
    • Reset the password and enjoy access to the application again.
    In this modern era of today, everyone is at a risk to be a victim of electronic theft. But, with this ultra-secure application, it is made sure that the employee is open to get every information that he/she requires for his personal use. For an institution, it is very important that its employees feel safe with them, and this application does ensure this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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