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    T/F Airports that invest in their Airport Operations and Airfield Maintenance staff (e.g., training, equipment, winter event support) see better performance year round and less employee turnover?

    Timothy Taylor

    The career path I have followed as a Diesel Technician has been most rewarding for myself. I have been in this industry for over 30 years, and have had the privelage to be employed by some of the top manufactures in the US.
    I have experienced both ends of the spectrum addressed in this forum. I have worked in and out of enviroments where training is supported and utilized to the full extent and in situations where the employee is totally thrown to the lions, and expected to perform without the knowledge of what is expected.
    As I begin my career in Airport Field Maintenance it is of my opinion that I bring to my employment a wealth of background knowledge and a desire to aggressively support the traveling public who count on my services every day. I realize this wealth of knowlege that I bring includes nothing about Airfield Maintenance Operations, Equipmemt, and Procedures. This workplace enviroment is very specialized, involving complicated procedures and very large and expensive equipment, in most cases only found in the airport enviroment.
    At the time of my job interview my employer found within my personality desirable attributes fitting to the organization. I know they have high expectations involving my ablity to peform my tasks, and they only desire me to succeed. I am hopeful I will be issued the tools to expand to set me up for success, including Factory Level Training addressing all levels of the specialized equipment used, and training on specialized Procedures and Operations.

    Alex Salik

    Outstanding profile. Let us know how things are going once you get settled in. What a great opportunity!


    After reading your profile, I was curious as to how things have been working out. Are you union? How long is your probation? Did you walk into a safe and compliant facility? Are you being challenged?


    So how goes your probationary period Tim? Hope all is working out well for you.

    C Moore

    That is a very interesting question, how much do you invest in employee training or expect candidates to have prior to hiring?

    I know from my point, I entered the aviation community as an electrician with no training on the electrical equipment or circuits on airports. The training I received was by other experience Airport Electricians, on airfield cables, Constant Current Regulators, generators, Passenger Loading Bridges, baggage conveyors, ect. It was not until later in my career that I received any formal training on what an Airport Electrician should know or the skill needed to maintain the equipment.

    With that said, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America – Airfield Lighting Committee over the past few years has put together a committee to look at what training should be available to personal operating on the airfield. The focus has been on the electricians and engineers. At present the committee has developed a training standard for training companies providing training to electricians. What this means is that if a person takes one of these approved coursed from one training company, they should be receiving the same information as if they took it with a different company. The idea is to provide a uniform training that the industry can recognize. This way airport can employ qualified people to maintain the airfield equipment.

    At present the committee is working on developing the curriculum and a management organization to manage the program.

    So more to come, on developing this. If you want to know more, please contact me.


    This is really quite interesting. As this concept training evolves, please let us know the outcome on developing the curriculum and the managing entity.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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