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    tom o

    I was just reading a blog on this FastPatch EJC product. Does anyone know cost factors?


    We use it exclusively for small patches on PCC and have had very good results with it.They have a good range of products with different viscosites and set up times.
    My local distributor was very generous with the demo tubes and we tried a few different formulas until we found the right one for application.
    I don’t have the pricing in front of me,but I know it ain’t cheap!

    Bob Gardner

    We have received and were impressed with a demo on the product and although I don’t have the pricing with me, its a specialized product which translated means it carries a more premium cost. But like in most things, you have to analyze the value for what you intend it to do and how you will use it. The old adage “you get what you paid for” rings true if you shop price only.
    Brainstorm your potential uses and include your estimated labor times to be fair. The time of year and your weather requirements are also important details to consider.
    New synthetics are a valuable emergency fix which dictates a higher valve and thus price tag.
    Don’t place too much emphasis in price alone in your analysis.

    Ben Jachim

    I totally agree with Bob. When it comes to inconveniencing your carriers, go with a product that has lasting power and just as importantly, the ability to dry quickly and be applied in low temperatures. Correcting the pavement problem, in my opinion, out weighs any cost factor. I think your airlines would agree.

    craig senna

    Good assessment Ben. It is easy math for field maintenance personnel to get in and out of high traffic areas, easing the down time on closures.

    marc angus

    Back to service time is essential. I hear the average dry time is less than 45 minutes and it can typically handle weight loads is less than 30 minutes.

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